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"Unleashing the Essence of his Life: Corey (Jayohcee) Jocko's Electrifying Remix Video of 'All My Life'" by Lil Durk & J. Cole! 

I'm excited to share that I just dropped my latest video, freestyle to Lil Durk & J Cole's "All My Life"! 
These lyrics and video are a reflection of my personal journey through some of life's ups and downs, and I'm thrilled to bring it to you. 
The music video captures moments from my unforgettable trip to NFT.NYC where I had the privilege of being a speaker, art selectee, musical performer, and have my face featured on a Times Square Billboard in the heart of NYC. It was a powerful experience that showcased the fusion of art, community and Indigenous voices in the digital world. 
But this remix video is not just about the glitz and glamour. It's about sharing the real story behind my music. It's about the court cases, getting over broken engagement, the struggles of helping my mother through breakdowns and land problems. It's about navigating toxic relationships from the past and staying true to my beliefs and goals in a chaotic environment. It's about fighting generational alcoholism and being sober 2yrs 6 months, and healing the wounds of residential school trauma that have affected my family. Much love to my incredible mother Sheree Jocko, who has been my unwavering support through thick and thin and also helped film the last scene I needed for vid. 
Special shout-out to Peso Gretzsky one of my closest friends from the #metaverse and now life who joined me on this incredible crazy journey, and heartfelt appreciation to my cousin Dio Hall for making #NFTNYC possible by being the only one to help me get there. Kanaronkwa 
I invite you to watch the music video on YouTube, where the stunning visuals and heartfelt lyrics take you on a journey through some of my life's challenges and triumphs. These lyrics and video are a testament to resilience, love, and the power of self-expression.
Join me on this rollercoaster ride by watching the full video on YouTube now! 
Spread the word and let's make this remix & experience go viral!
Share this mesmerizing creation with your friends and loved ones, and invite them to be part of this incredible journey.
Together, we can amplify the magic and showcase the power of art and personal expression! 
Much Love, Corey (Jayohcee)Jocko

A Dream Unveiled: Performing in NYC and Illuminating Times Square Billlboard with my face 

 As I reflect on my unforgettable journey at NFT.NYC 2023, one moment stands out as the pinnacle of my experience—performing my music and seeing my art showcased in the vibrant heart of New York City. To top it all off, witnessing my face illuminated on a Times Square billboard was a surreal and awe-inspiring moment that solidified the realization of a lifelong dream.

 From the early stages of planning to the exhilarating moments on stage, I poured my heart and soul into each performance. It was a culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and unwavering belief in my craft. As the spotlight shone upon me, I felt a surge of energy and a deep connection with the audience, knowing that I was living my dream every time I hit the stage.

 The honour of having my art showcased at NFT.NYC was truly a defining moment in my career. The piece I created told a unique story, a testament to my personal experiences, growth, and artistic vision as well provide inspiration for you to find your voice in web3. Seeing my work displayed alongside other talented artists was a humbling experience, and it motivated me to continue pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

 And then, the cherry on top—the electrifying sight of my face illuminated on a Times Square billboard. It was a surreal moment that affirmed the power of art to transcend boundaries and reach a global audience. As I gazed at the larger-than-life representation of my work, I felt a surge of inspiration and a renewed commitment to my craft.

 None of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of my loved ones. My dear friend Peso, who joined me on this incredible journey, provided endless encouragement and stood by my side every step of the way. Their presence and friendship added an extra layer of joy and shared accomplishment to the experience. Peso also hit the stage, showcasing his skills, hit songs, and the energy the world needs. Honoured he made the journey with me.

 I also want to express my deepest gratitude to my mother, whose unwavering support and belief in me have been the foundation of my artistic journey. Her love and guidance have given me the strength to pursue my dreams and overcome any obstacles in my path. Additionally, my cousin Dio's invaluable assistance and unwavering belief in my talent played a vital role in making this dream a reality. I am forever grateful for their presence in my life.

 As I take a moment to reflect on this incredible milestone, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead. The journey is far from over, and I am more motivated than ever to create music and art that resonates with people's hearts and souls. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable chapter in my life, and I invite you to join me on this journey as we continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

 Stay tuned for more exciting updates, new music releases, and captivating art pieces as I strive to make a lasting impact on the world through my artistry. Together, let's create a future where dreams are realized, boundaries are shattered, and art becomes a powerful force for positive change.

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Reflecting on the Unforgettable Journey at NFT.NYC 2023 

 Last Month, I had the incredible honour of participating in NFT.NYC 2023, an event that left a lasting impact on both my artistic career and personal life. As an Indigenous artist and musician, it was a milestone moment to be selected as a speaker for the first-ever Indigenous panel at the conference. Not only did I have the opportunity to share my unique perspective, but my digital art was also showcased, and I had the privilege of closing out the second night with a captivating music performance. The energy in the room was electric, and I'm grateful to the NFT.NYC team for providing this platform to amplify Indigenous voices in the NFT space. 

 One of the standout moments of the event was seeing my face on Times Square billboards. It was a surreal experience that affirmed the power of art and its ability to reach a wide audience. I couldn't help but feel immense gratitude for everyone who supported me on this journey, thank you to my mother, my cousin Dio, & @poison_peso777.gretzsky17, who was there by my side every step of the way. We pushed through the challenges, performed tirelessly, and navigated the bustling streets of New York City together. I'm just scratching the surface of what we I achieve in the web3 world, and this experience has only fueled my determination to create meaningful art and music.

Throughout the conference, I had the pleasure of connecting with inspiring individuals who are making waves in the web3 space. @iambarondavis, the NBA living legend, caught Peso's attention and Baron let us know his innovative project, showcasing the endless possibilities of merging sports and blockchain technology. It was an honour to have a conversation with him and capture a memorable photo. I also had the chance to meet @ZironiVioletta, a talented musician in the web3 community whose creativity knows no bounds. The passion and dedication within this community are truly awe-inspiring, and I'm excited to collaborate and contribute to its growth.

I had the privilege of connecting with some of the brightest minds in the web3 community. One of the most inspiring encounters was finally meeting @cryptonovo311 IRL, a visionary innovator in the NFT space. Our conversation left a lasting impression and solidified the belief that people have the power to transcend boundaries and create meaningful connections.

Another standout encounter was with the team behind @roundiverse, who are leading the way in fashion both in the real world and the digital realm. Their exquisite wearable pieces, including a blue jacket made for Obama during his visit to their country, caught my attention. We had an insightful interview where we discussed various topics, and I can't wait to share it with all of you soon. A special thank you to @yuhanliu_99 for their warm reception and for joining forces with us on this creative journey.

As the event concluded, I couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude. The memories, the connections, and the experiences gained at NFT.NYC 2023 will forever hold a special place in my heart. It's a reminder that dreams do come true when we relentlessly pursue our passions and embrace the opportunities that come our way. This is just the beginning of an exciting chapter, and I'm eager to bring more dreams to life through new music, captivating visuals, and groundbreaking NFTs.

To everyone who has shown support and expressed interest in tours, workshops, and interviews, I want to assure you that I'm back with renewed energy and a fresh vision. I've been preparing for this moment, and I can't wait to share all the exciting projects that are in the works. Keep an eye out for upcoming music releases, engaging promotional campaigns, redefined branding, and captivating NFT drops. The journey continues, and I invite you to join me as we embark on this thrilling adventure together.

Thank you for your unwavering support. Together, we will shape the future of art and music in the web3 world. Let's make magic happen.


With love and gratitude,

Corey Jayohcee Jocko

Jayohcee in Vegas - meet & greet - Sponsored by N8V Coin @ National Indian Gaming Association Annual Convention 2021  

Tue, Jul 20 @ 3:00PM 

Caesars Palace , 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 

You can catch Jayohcee for a meet & greet in Vegas on July 20th 3pm at Native Coin Booth in Ceasers Palace for the Indian Gaming Show 2021. 

NATIVECOIN -THE NATIVE AMERICAN SOVEREIGN CRYPTOCURRENCY NativeCoin acts as a decentralized, universal, digital currency that can be utilized by Native American Tribes and their Casinos. For the first time in history, NativeCoin will provide a means by which Tribal entities can conduct business both outside their reservations and across international borders without any red tape. NativeCoin will become active and tradeable on the B-Platform network upon the public launching of NativeCoin (N8V) to United States customers in 2021.

Indian Gaming Show is the largest annual convention and trade show in North America related to indian gaming industry for the tribal leaders and casino executives. This international event is set to start on 19 July 2021, Monday in Las Vegas, NV, United States, and organized by National Indian Gaming Association. Hope to see you there. 

Nextgen Ent.

Jayohcee foundation *Genesis* - Whats your beetle #15 w presents #whatsyourbeeple #15 


Part of a collection of 10 000 portraits of @beeple_crap curated by @bprnft and listed at 

#15 Created by @jayohcee - visual/audio - Beeple Head with Jayohcee song snippet 'Anyway Everyday' in which the winner will also receive full version wav. file by submitting proof of win to chee chee


@iamjayohcee - - Full Schedule 

Event starts 29/Jun/15:00 LA/18:00 NY/21:00 UK 

Presented live on Clubhouse in the NFT Auctions Club.

Jayohcee w/ DC Environmental Film Festival. Shorts: Youth Focus 'Echoes From Lock One'  


Young people are on the front lines of the battle for climate justice. Blending activism and education with music, film, and art, these shorts highlight young people on a mission to stand up for their future and make their voices heard. 

Pre-recorded discussion featuring Branda Miller (Director), Angelo Domingo (Senior, Lansingburgh High School), Catherine Rafferty (Post-production Coordinator), and Jayohcee (Hip Hop Artist, Activist, a First Nations Mohawk Warrior), moderated by Monica Schorn (DCEFF Festival Coordinator).


Jayohcee "Breakthrough Artist of The Year" nomination at International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards for   

Jayohcee has been nominated for "Breakthrough Artist of The Year" at International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards this year. What a way to start 2021. 

Voting has opened



MAY 22 – 23, 2021 

The International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards Show is taking place online with a virtual 2-day mega event. We will have a host city and this year that will be Winnipeg Manitoba on the original lands of the Dene people’s, Dakota, Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Treaty 1 Territory, and on the homeland of the Metis Nation. 

Join the International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards Show movement as we aim to increase the national and international exposure of Indigenous urban arts performers and small businesses through live music engagement and educational conferences. The Indigenous Hip Hop Awards & Trade-Show is a 2-day virtual celebration of arts and culture. 

Through the execution of a music conference followed by an awards show, we will shed light on the movers and shakers who are helping shape our urban economy, by celebrating and acknowledging the dedication, community impact and artistic merit of export-ready Indigenous hip hop artists, singers, visual artists, spoken word poets, producers, deejays & more that all make up the Indigenous urban entertainment culture.


Exclusive - Jayohcee NoDAPL camp song finally released titled 'Stay Woke' Exclusively at 

New Single 2018 release 'Stay Woke' NoDAPL camp song and video by Jayohcee.  


The next release from Jayohcee is finally here.


Support the artist who have it the hardest. 

Stay Woke - Jayohcee (to listen click here) 

Jayohcee - Stay Woke Beat by - Dux   Recorded at - Standing Rock    Graphic design - Jayohcee / NextGen Ent.   Footage from - Jayohcee, Jihan Hafiz, Sage Issac, Johny Burwell, Nataanii Means, Eion Small, Unicorn Riot

Can't say it how much it means to have been there and met so many amazing warriors. Proud to call most of them family these days. It took all of us to make these moments so be ready to make many more as most of you already are and take action for our future! Love you all. Mni Wiconi...BSK Thank you to everyone who sent footage and also allowed me to use yours. So much love and respect your way. This wouldn't have happened without you. Jihan Hafiz, Sage Issac, Johny Burwell, Nataanii Means, Eion Small, Unicorn Riot and who ever I missed please send me a message at as I was sent a lot of clips from people and might have missed your awesome self. Niawen/Thank you everyone. We are protectors Not Protestors. #NoDAPL #NoKXL #NoLine3 #NoPipelines #ProtectTheBlackHills #ProtectBearsEars #ProtectAllThatIsSacred #Divest #Protect #BSK support makwa no line 3 - Legal Fund: Camp Supplies Fund: for more camps, events, etc go to Love you all Jayohcee - NextGen Ent.   #StayWoke #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic  #Warrrrioooorrrrrrsssssssssssss  #ProtectTheLandWeMustDefend #TeachTheTruthToAllTheYouth  #ConstantlyPrayEveryDay #AlwaysGiveThanksForEverything" Jayohcee

This song was recorded by Jayohcee an Indigenous hiphop artist during his time in Standing Rock with his brothers and sisters fighting for the land, the people and the future of this planet. While his time in standing rock In-between survival mode of -40 degree, getting shot by rubber bullets, maced, protecting camp and the people in it there was very little time for personal joys.  Having helped with supplies, wood, sanitation and any area he could he was there to lend a hardworking hand. There were a few chances for him to share his talents but when him and a few other water protectors organized a hip hop event to lift the spirits of camp during the harsh winter nearing raid day, realizing it was much needed to lift the spirits around camp. He continued to rap at every chance he could get. Even rapping while being arrested at last child's camp, all the way to the dog kennels in morton county, to the jail cells in Fargo, and all the way back to front-lines at Oceti Oyate. Almost having the chance to record at historical Mash Tent Studio but due to constant conflicts with Army corp, DAPL mercs, and police from many states it was hard to even have time to make it to record. Then the one running the tent had offered it all up to Jayohcee which Jayohcee then watched over and maintained but was never able to get the time to make it to record. After an action at backwater bridge was over in jan 2017 he went to the Standing Rock reserve where his brotha Witko had the mic ready. Jayohcee recorded the song and was excited to share with his fellow water protectors in which they all loved it. The song was performed many times in at places like the Dome, Mohawk Tent, 7th Gen Kitchen, Oglala tent, Red lake tent, two kettles and more before it was played to the general public. The song was then performed all over the so called USA on the "Wake up the world Tour" in 2017 but this will be the first time the song will be released to the general public and to the world. Enjoy this part of Jayohcee's journey and some of the things he seen and felt while at Standing Rock with his brothers and sisters fighting for the water at the front-lines. Music video is in final editing so keep checking back. "Much love and respect to everyone that was apart of this chapter for the history books" Jayohcee 

(Shhh) Congrats to you if you read this whole post for that special reason you are able to download this song for free only in this post and it will only be that way for a week.. (Not available any longer, purchase here --> Jayohcee - Stay Woke)  Niawen/Thank you for the continued support.  

Jayohcee - NextGen Ent.  

 #StayWoke #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 

Unmixed-Unmastered / Audio Only copyright


The writing from Jayohcee FB post Jan 20 2018 below....

"The song I wrote in -40 weather in my tent next to the dome, finished on my way back from ceremony in pine ridge with the fam and recorded in Standing Rock on what happens to be the one year anniversary at midnight tonight from recording this song.. 

I managed to squeeze in writing and recording one full song in-between surviving, helping, ceremonies, actions, arrest, divestments and constant surveillance as well as infiltration. 

This is my NoDAPL Standing Rock song that is so much more then just about there but resinates with all struggles to protect the future of this planet as well as the next seven generations and on and on and on......... much love to everyone I'm sharing this journey with, love you all specially my brothers and sisters who stood side by side with me every night getting shot at, maced, arrested, singing, laughing and remaining fearless against oppression, as well as too many other things I won't talk about. haha. Much love to each and everyone of you, you know who you are. Im not tagging no-one (security culture foos lol) but you all can share away to the world.. Super huge thank you to Dux for the beat without you the magic would have not been waiting. I miss camp to much and also so much in the works but thats for another post lol. Love you all.... 

#ProtectTheLandWeMustDefend #TeachTheTruthToAllTheYouth 
#ConstantlyPrayEveryDay #AlwaysGiveThanksForEverything" Jayohcee 

Unmixed-Unmastered / Audio Only copyright

'Anyway Everyday' single by Jayohcee released on all platforms 

New Single 2018 release 'Anyway Everyday' by Jayohcee. 

To listen click this --> 'Anyway Everyday' by Jayohcee

The latest release from Jayohcee is finally here. 

You have to get it Anyway Everyday…..

Support the artist who have it the hardest. 

Beat by - Dux 

Recorded at - Exert Sounds Studios 

Mix & Mastered - Marco Kiremitzian / Exert Sounds 

Graphic design - Jayohcee / NextGen Ent. 

also availible on every online distribution platform 

 #Anyway EveryDay #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 

This song was recorded by Jayohcee an Indigenous hiphop artist during his time in Toronto's GTA while he attended Metalworks Institute winner of 2017 music school of the year in Canada. Exert sound studios is where the final product was crafted and created. Anyway Everyday gives you an insight into Jayohcee's perspective and follows along his journey to pursue his dreams against all the odds stacked against him. Coming from a reservation where very few make it out. With an up-tempo reality driven bounce Anyway Everyday delivers that head bumping hiphop that we all come to love. Congrats to you if you read this whole post for that specially reason you are able to download this song for free only in this post and it will only be that way for a week.. (No longer available, purchse here --> Jayohcee - Anyway Everyday Niawen/Thank you for the continued support.

Jayohcee - NextGen Ent.

 #Anyway EveryDay #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 

Jayohcee ALT interview - Jayohcee on hip-hop and art-activism 

full article click here ----> Jayohcee ATL interview


"In mid-July, a 40-foot solar powered boat named Solar Sal set off from Troy full of artists and environmental activists on a networking mission called the Sea Change Voyage. For 10 days, they shared protesting stories, collaborative artwork and recent investigations on the effects of climate change. Aboard this solar cruise was one Mistah Jayohcee. The Native American hip-hop artist had a slough of adventures in activism already, having spent several months in Oceti Sakowin/Oyate (Standing Rock, North Dakota) protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), taking the movement on the road and landing in Troy. Before heading home for some rest, Jayohcee sat down with The Alt  at the Sanctuary for Independent Media to talk about the road that led him to Troy and his fight for environmental justice:"  

For full article click here ----> Jayohcee ALT full interview

find full article here ----> Jayohcee ATL interview

Newest release from Jayohcee - Real Still (Available on all platforms Itunes etc.) 


2017 release 'Real Still' by Jayohcee is sure to deliver for the fans that have been waiting as well as the new ones Jayohcee has met on his Journey. Fresh off 'Wake up the World Tour' and set to release the visuals for this single, Jayohcee is ready to show why he started music in the first place. To tell his story to the world while still being real. Support the artist who have it the hardest.

Recorded at - Exert Sounds

Mix & Mastered - Marco Kiremitzian / Exert Sounds

Graphic design - Mose Art

Photo by - Janet Tallarigo Murphy

 #RealStill #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 


also on all platforms including Itunes, & Spotify