Niawen(Thank you) for making music for our spirits.” - Flint Dizzle

514 Online Mix (Co-founder)

Corey (Jayohcee) Jocko

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"Corey (Jayohcee) Jocko is an electrifying artist known for his captivating stage presence and high-energy performances. With a soulful voice and a unique blend of genres, Jayohcee delivers an unforgettable musical experience that leaves audiences craving more. From his infectious hooks to his powerful lyrics, Jayohcee's music resonates with authenticity and passion, drawing listeners into his world. With a diverse repertoire ranging from party anthems to introspective tracks, Jayohcee's versatility and dynamic artistry make him a standout performer in the music industry. Prepare to be mesmerized as Jayohcee brings the party to life and leaves a lasting impression on every stage he graces."

Press photos

Corey (Jayohcee) Jocko closed out the second night of NFTNYC 2023 with a hip hop performance.

Corey (Jayohcee) Jocko VIP Panel Speaker at NFTNYC 2023

Corey (Jayohcee) Jocko Live at NFTNYC 2023



Notable Highlights & Achievements

- NFTNYC VIP Speaker, Hip Hop Performer, Digital Artist Selectee. NYC April 2023

- Co-Headline w/ Kardinal Offishall at Fiddlers Green 5th Anniversary. Tyendinaga, Oct 2022

- Nominated in  3 categories for International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards. Winnipeg,  Aug 2022

- Co-Headline w/ Noble (The Outlaws) Indigenous Cannabis Cup July. Tyendinaga,  2022

- Winter Island Artist Residency Performance on Toronto Island. Toronto, April 2022

- Arrested for protecting the land, BC, Nov 2021

- Dropped first solo Album titled 'Autumn Aries' Nov 2021

- Film Maker of the year from PBS TVFILM Season 13 ' USA 2021

- Nominated at 4 film festivals for collaboration and involvement w/ 'Echoes from Lock One' USA 2021

- Jayohcee Vegas Meet & Great - Ceaser's Palace Forum - National Indian Gaming 2021