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Jayohcee x Naughty by Nature x and more @ Indigenous Cannabis Cup 2019 Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
Jayohcee - Warrior Hip Hop in Hull Triple Seven, Hull Triple Seven, Hull
Toronto Hip Hop Showcase The Smiling Buddah , Toronto The Smiling Buddah , Toronto
 —  — Jayohcee to perform at #M4M “The after party TURN 4 Resto & Sports Bar, Kahnawake, Canada TURN 4 Resto & Sports Bar, Kahnawake, Canada
 —  — Jayohcee to perform at Indigenous Cannabis Cup Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Tyendinaga Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Tyendinaga
 —  — Jayohcee Joins Nataanii Means Balance the Nations Tour Puerto Rico w/ Hunter his Mohawk Brotha Puerto Rico, San juan Puerto Rico, San juan
Jayohcee at Ruderal Ecologies Symposium The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY The Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy, NY
Dio Ganhdih w/ Jayohcee, Cody Coyote, & Mercedes T Triple 7, Gatineau, QC J8X 2H4 Triple 7, Gatineau, QC J8X 2H4
Jayohcee performing at the 5th Annual Music 4 Miracles Turn4 resto & sports bar, Quebec Turn4 resto & sports bar, Quebec
Jayohcee at Akwesasne Freedom School Annual Dinner AKwesasne Freedom School, Akwesasne AKwesasne Freedom School, Akwesasne
 —  — Jayohcee performing at 12th Annual Rock, Rattle & Drum Pow Wow Great Barrington Fairgrounds, Great Barrington, Massachusettes 01230 Great Barrington Fairgrounds, Great Barrington, Massachusettes 01230
Jayohcee directs next REDD video Hella Good/Making Our Way Snye, Akwesasne Snye, Akwesasne
Jayohcee at HighTower's Rock&Rib Fest On Rt 37, Akwesasne On Rt 37, Akwesasne

Jayohcee Blog

Jayohcee podcast interview with The Sanctuary for Independent Media 

Podcast › Mistah Jayohcee 




by Cody Updike in ART, CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT on 4.13.2018 

Jayohcee is an Artist, Activist, Performer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and promoter – a jack of all trades. He is a First Nations Mohawk Warrior who is also a hip-hop artist.  Jayohcee will be coming to Ruderal Ecologies conference at The Sanctuary for Independent Media on the eve Friday, April 13. Branda Miller, Arts & Education Coordinator at the Sanctuary, interviewed Jayohcee from his home in the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve, which is straddled in between what is now the US and Canadian border.

Jayohcee's workshop at The Sanctuary for Independent Media for ECOLOGIES symposium.  



Jayohcee's performance 

  Date - 04/13/2018



Date(s) - 04/13/2018 - 04/15/2018 
7:00 pm - 2:00 pm 

 This event was free and open to the public, with donations encouraged  to build the NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center. 

This symposium marks the last weekend for our NATURE Lab crowdfunding campaign: help us build a center for community science, bioart and environmental justice, right here on our block in North Troy! The Sanctuary needs your support! Register and donate to find out more about how you can help us make this citizen science center a reality. 

Ruderal Ecologies is a weekend-long symposium to commence Earth Week. Art, urban ecology, and social justice activities focus on living in urban environments shaped by stress. “Ruderal ecologies” are formed by hardy and adaptive organisms and grassroots activist communities that grow out of the ruins of urban wastelands. 

Hosted by The Sanctuary for Independent Media’s NATURE Lab, the symposium involves thinkers and activists from ecology, public health, urban planning, environmental science, environmental justice, permaculture, the arts, and science and technology studies. Together participants look for growth and resilience in polluted but biodiverse environments, asking: 

How can we identify underserved marginalized communities to build engaged, diverse networks, on grounds considered “wastelands”? 
What forms of life flourish amid the ruins of ruderal ecologies? 
What happens when we include “nonhuman” forms of life–including plants and animals–in our thinking about human flourishing? 

For more information on our diverse set of Symposium presenters: https://www.mediasanctuary.org/news/ruderal-ecologies-symposium-presenter-bios/ 

Photo gallery from 2018 event click ---> Photos

Schedule Overview: 

Friday, April 13 – Day 1 

7pm Opening Keynote: Decolonizing the Anthropocene | Heather Davis 

Davis, drawing on work with co-author Zoe Todd, brings radical feminist and indigenous perspectives to the geological term, the Anthropocene, tracing colonialist origins and contemporary geographies. 

8pm Jayohcee| Hip Hop Performance by a First Nations Mohawk Warrior from the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve | Jayohcee 

8:30pm Art Auction | NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center Crowdfunding Campaign 

Dance with Plants Party | LRT/Location Responsive Theme! 

Ruderal and domesticated plants generate electronic music via bio-feedback sensors mixed to the beats and loops of electronic musician LRT. Join our NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center celebration, featuring an Art Auction with works exhibited in the Sanctuary’s Underground Gallery over the past decade. Hit the floor and dance with the plants, in a bio-art party with LRT/Location Responsive Theme! 

Saturday, April 14 – Day 2 

9:30-10:00am Coffee / Welcome 

10:00-11:15am Morning Panel: Plants, People, Health, Risk | Mae-ling Lokko, David Seiter, Gail Wittwer-Laird & Xiaobo Xue 

Diverse networks interconnect as professionals from architecture and public health sectors discuss the implications that modern landscape designs have on wildlife and the future of the human species. 

11:30am-1:00pm Workshops: 

Appropriate Remediation: 
Ecoremediation vs. Toxisphere | Scott Kellogg 
Ecoremediation is a framework for looking at environmental contamination through a complex, whole systems lens, combining an environmental justice analysis of the “toxisphere” with simple and affordable bioremediation techniques. In this hands-on workshop, we will build familiarity with our ecoremediation allies: microbes, fungi, plants, insects, and worms. 

Art in the Anthropocene: 
Radical Care Practices | Andrea Haenggi, Ellie Irons, Catherine Grau 
Agents of the Environmental Performance Agency lead a gleaning workshop on the streets around the urban environmental campus, considering the informal public waste stream as offering, resource, and burden. 

1:00-2:00pm Lunch 

2:00-3:30pm Workshops: 

Appropriate Remediation: 
Watershed, Sewershed, Seedshed | Julia Cavicchi, Anne Pfeifenberger, Olivia Golden 
In this multidisciplinary workshop, we will consider the aquatic ecologies of post-industrial Troy from multiple perspectives, including watershed-scale interconnectivities, troubled sewer infrastructure inheritances, and possibilities for mitigation and adaptation. The workshop will conclude with a collaborative mapping project to invite reflections on the many unseen river crossings we make every day. 

Art in the Anthropocene: 
Plant Sensibilities: Tools for Many Kinds of Selves | Lucia Monge 

In this workshop we will explore relationships to plants through the use of (speculative/prosthetic/por qué no/what if) tools to observe the thinking and action that emerge from attention to other ways of being. 

3:30-5:00pm Afternoon Panel: Soil, Remediation, Regulation, Design | Moderated by Angelyn Chandler, featuring Tatiana Choulika, Kaja Kühl, Leila Nadir & Seeta Sistla 

5:00-5:15pm Break 

5:15-6:15pm Closing Keynote: Grounding Environmental Justice in the Capital Region | Aaron Mair 

April 15, Sunday – Day 3 

11:00am-2:00pm Bio-mapping Brunch: Ruderal Resource Mapping| Azuré Keahi & Oliver Kellhammer 

A potluck brunch is followed by a bio-mapping workshop in which we walk our North Troy neighborhood to observe and note our ever changing biodiverse urban ecologies. Using a combination of bio-blitzing and community cartography, participants will explore assigned areas to map and highlight post-industrial resources to inspire grassroots, environmental stewardship. 

Sponsors: Ruderal Ecologies is hosted by folks from NATURE LAB; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Vasudha Living and Learning Community and the Vollmer Fries Fund; the Department of Science and Technology Studies and the Thomas Phelan Endowed Chair in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; the Department of the Arts; Skidmore College; and RADIX Ecological Center. 

For information, please contact: 

Kathy High, email: high@rpi.edu and phone: 518-209-6209 

Ellie Irons, email: ellieirons@gmail.com and phone: 909-702-1584 

Branda Miller, email: miller@mediasanctuary.org and phone: 518-229-0441.

Exclusive - Jayohcee NoDAPL camp song finally released titled 'Stay Woke' Exclusively at Jayohcee.com 

New Single 2018 release 'Stay Woke' NoDAPL camp song and video by Jayohcee.  


The next release from Jayohcee is finally here.


Support the artist who have it the hardest. 

Stay Woke - Jayohcee (to listen click here) 

Jayohcee - Stay Woke Beat by - Dux   Recorded at - Standing Rock    Graphic design - Jayohcee / NextGen Ent.   Footage from - Jayohcee, Jihan Hafiz, Sage Issac, Johny Burwell, Nataanii Means, Eion Small, Unicorn Riot

Can't say it how much it means to have been there and met so many amazing warriors. Proud to call most of them family these days. It took all of us to make these moments so be ready to make many more as most of you already are and take action for our future! Love you all. Mni Wiconi...BSK Thank you to everyone who sent footage and also allowed me to use yours. So much love and respect your way. This wouldn't have happened without you. Jihan Hafiz, Sage Issac, Johny Burwell, Nataanii Means, Eion Small, Unicorn Riot and who ever I missed please send me a message at Jayohcee.com as I was sent a lot of clips from people and might have missed your awesome self. Niawen/Thank you everyone. We are protectors Not Protestors. #NoDAPL #NoKXL #NoLine3 #NoPipelines #ProtectTheBlackHills #ProtectBearsEars #ProtectAllThatIsSacred #Divest #Protect #BSK support makwa no line 3 - Legal Fund: youcaring.com/makwalegal Camp Supplies Fund: youcaring.com/makwacampsupplies for more camps, events, etc go to https://www.waterislifemovement.com/ Love you all Jayohcee - NextGen Ent.   #StayWoke #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic  #Warrrrioooorrrrrrsssssssssssss  #ProtectTheLandWeMustDefend #TeachTheTruthToAllTheYouth  #ConstantlyPrayEveryDay #AlwaysGiveThanksForEverything" Jayohcee

This song was recorded by Jayohcee an Indigenous hiphop artist during his time in Standing Rock with his brothers and sisters fighting for the land, the people and the future of this planet. While his time in standing rock In-between survival mode of -40 degree, getting shot by rubber bullets, maced, protecting camp and the people in it there was very little time for personal joys.  Having helped with supplies, wood, sanitation and any area he could he was there to lend a hardworking hand. There were a few chances for him to share his talents but when him and a few other water protectors organized a hip hop event to lift the spirits of camp during the harsh winter nearing raid day, realizing it was much needed to lift the spirits around camp. He continued to rap at every chance he could get. Even rapping while being arrested at last child's camp, all the way to the dog kennels in morton county, to the jail cells in Fargo, and all the way back to front-lines at Oceti Oyate. Almost having the chance to record at historical Mash Tent Studio but due to constant conflicts with Army corp, DAPL mercs, and police from many states it was hard to even have time to make it to record. Then the one running the tent had offered it all up to Jayohcee which Jayohcee then watched over and maintained but was never able to get the time to make it to record. After an action at backwater bridge was over in jan 2017 he went to the Standing Rock reserve where his brotha Witko had the mic ready. Jayohcee recorded the song and was excited to share with his fellow water protectors in which they all loved it. The song was performed many times in at places like the Dome, Mohawk Tent, 7th Gen Kitchen, Oglala tent, Red lake tent, two kettles and more before it was played to the general public. The song was then performed all over the so called USA on the "Wake up the world Tour" in 2017 but this will be the first time the song will be released to the general public and to the world. Enjoy this part of Jayohcee's journey and some of the things he seen and felt while at Standing Rock with his brothers and sisters fighting for the water at the front-lines. Music video is in final editing so keep checking back. "Much love and respect to everyone that was apart of this chapter for the history books" Jayohcee 

(Shhh) Congrats to you if you read this whole post for that special reason you are able to download this song for free only in this post and it will only be that way for a week.. (Not available any longer, purchase here --> Jayohcee - Stay Woke)  Niawen/Thank you for the continued support.  

Jayohcee - NextGen Ent.  

 #StayWoke #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 

Unmixed-Unmastered / Audio Only copyright Jayohcee.com


The writing from Jayohcee FB post Jan 20 2018 below....

"The song I wrote in -40 weather in my tent next to the dome, finished on my way back from ceremony in pine ridge with the fam and recorded in Standing Rock on what happens to be the one year anniversary at midnight tonight from recording this song.. 

I managed to squeeze in writing and recording one full song in-between surviving, helping, ceremonies, actions, arrest, divestments and constant surveillance as well as infiltration. 

This is my NoDAPL Standing Rock song that is so much more then just about there but resinates with all struggles to protect the future of this planet as well as the next seven generations and on and on and on......... much love to everyone I'm sharing this journey with, love you all specially my brothers and sisters who stood side by side with me every night getting shot at, maced, arrested, singing, laughing and remaining fearless against oppression, as well as too many other things I won't talk about. haha. Much love to each and everyone of you, you know who you are. Im not tagging no-one (security culture foos lol) but you all can share away to the world.. Super huge thank you to Dux for the beat without you the magic would have not been waiting. I miss camp to much and also so much in the works but thats for another post lol. Love you all.... 

#ProtectTheLandWeMustDefend #TeachTheTruthToAllTheYouth 
#ConstantlyPrayEveryDay #AlwaysGiveThanksForEverything" Jayohcee 

Unmixed-Unmastered / Audio Only copyright Jayohcee.com

'Anyway Everyday' single by Jayohcee released on all platforms 

New Single 2018 release 'Anyway Everyday' by Jayohcee. 

To listen click this --> 'Anyway Everyday' by Jayohcee

The latest release from Jayohcee is finally here. 

You have to get it Anyway Everyday…..

Support the artist who have it the hardest. 

Beat by - Dux 

Recorded at - Exert Sounds Studios 

Mix & Mastered - Marco Kiremitzian / Exert Sounds 

Graphic design - Jayohcee / NextGen Ent. 

also availible on every online distribution platform 

 #Anyway EveryDay #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 

This song was recorded by Jayohcee an Indigenous hiphop artist during his time in Toronto's GTA while he attended Metalworks Institute winner of 2017 music school of the year in Canada. Exert sound studios is where the final product was crafted and created. Anyway Everyday gives you an insight into Jayohcee's perspective and follows along his journey to pursue his dreams against all the odds stacked against him. Coming from a reservation where very few make it out. With an up-tempo reality driven bounce Anyway Everyday delivers that head bumping hiphop that we all come to love. Congrats to you if you read this whole post for that specially reason you are able to download this song for free only in this post and it will only be that way for a week.. (No longer available, purchse here --> Jayohcee - Anyway Everyday Niawen/Thank you for the continued support.

Jayohcee - NextGen Ent.

 #Anyway EveryDay #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 

Performing with family - Dio, Mercedes, and Cody  

It gets no better then being able to share the stage with family. Specially when there is so much talent. This Sat Nov 18 2017 Me, Dio, and Cedes will all be in Ottawa together for the first time since Standing Rock Oceti Camp. Dio was the first family I met when I got to camp and I hadn't seen her since we were younger but once I had seen her I felt right at home. She said "What ever you need I got you". Thats fam. Then that same day I found Mercedes at medics taking care of her chemical pneumonia from the water hose attack. We all did a lot for that camp and are proud of it. Each of us continuing the fight in every way we know. This time around we get to share our craft. Performing from the heart and sharing our stories with the people. Can't forget about my brotha Cody Coyote, we go way back as well. Me and Cody have done tons of shows together and were at each others first shows in Ottawa. Since then I have travelled far and wide sharing my story and watched Cody do the same. He has accomplished so much. check out his bio and link below along with each of ours. We speak to the people. Always an honour to be with my cousins and one of my best friends. 

All Ages // 6pm Doors // Show 7pm // All Ages // $10 PWYC 
Advance Tickets: http://bit.ly/2zBGO5x 

Location: Triple 7 (75 Rue Saint Rédempteur, Gatineau, QC J8X 2H4) 

Dio Ganhdih - (Oakland, CA) 
Dio Ganhdih is a queer indigenous rapper with a heart beat based in Brooklyn, an imagination spun in upstate New York, and a nervous system best suited for the Bay Area. From deep within Mother Nature's beauterus, Dio Ganhdih, otherwise known as Heavily Falling Snow, delivers subhersive and unapologetically raw rhymes. Dio utilizes poetry and lyricism to push cultural resiliency while resisting settler-colonialism and distorting imperialist visions of her native homeland. 

Jayohcee - (Akwesasne, NY)  
Performer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and promoter - Jayohcee is a jack of all trades. He is a First Nations Mohawk Warrior who is also a hip-hop artist from the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve which is straddled in between what is now the US and Canadian border. Naturally driven and motivated, Jayohcee killed his “For The Love of Music Tour” Summer 2016 and did 'Wake Up the World Tour' early 2017 with his brothers and is ready for another one. Every journey begins with one step....having spent many years perfecting his craft as well as his performance and presentation, this talented individual is well on his way to making a footprint in the history of hip-hop along with shaking the entertainment industry in whole. 

Cody Coyote 
Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, he is of Ojibwe/Irish descent with ancestry from Matachewan First Nation. With his fusion of strong, profound lyricism accompanied by corresponding influential sounds, this Hip-Hop/Electronic recording artist and songwriter grasps his listeners attention in various ways and delivers a mesmerizing performance. Actively engaged in the industry for over 4 years, Cody Coyote’s journey includes being up for nominations in the “Best Rap/Hip-Hop CD” and the “Single Of The Year” categories at the 2015 Indigenous Music Awards. 

His career has brought him to platforms such as the Juno showcase held at the Ottawa Music Summit on March 30th, 2017 and he will be performing at the National Arts Centre on January 25th, 2018. Cody Coyote’s recent album release entitled “Mamawi” means “All Together” in Anishinaabemowin. “Mamawi” reflects in a manner to initiate positive change through reconciliation between Canada and Indigenous people, togetherness, love and unity. 

“A lot can happen in four years - just ask Ottawa hip-hop artist Cody Purcell” – Digital Drum/APTN 

“Introducing an Indigenous Voice in Canadian Music” - Globe and Mail 

Mercedes Terrance 
A Mohawk Akwesasne woman 
@Mercedes Terrance on Facebook 
@peaches_blanco on Instagram


Catch us all this Sat

Event Link             -> Dio Ganhdih, Jayohcee, Cody Coyote, & Mercedes Terrance Live

Purchase Tickets - > Buy now

R.E.D.D.'s "Hella Good" video - Jayohcee Directs, Films & Edits 

R.E.D.D. presented "Hella Good" to the world today. This is R.E.D.D.'s second release off their newest album release 'The Next Chapter' which is available at all online distributers through REDD Ent.. This video was filmed on location in Akwesasne, Que by Jayohcee at NextGen Ent. Was an amazing turn out and big shout out to everyone involved. 



Purhcase 'The Next Chapter': https://open.spotify.com/album/55iqyIz2KZE2e841gCCHPL

Follow Jayohcee: @MistahJayohcee

Book Jayohcee for your next video: mistahjayohcee@gmail.com

Follow NextGen Ent: @NextGen Ent

Jayohcee ALT interview - Jayohcee on hip-hop and art-activism 

full article click here ----> Jayohcee ATL interview


"In mid-July, a 40-foot solar powered boat named Solar Sal set off from Troy full of artists and environmental activists on a networking mission called the Sea Change Voyage. For 10 days, they shared protesting stories, collaborative artwork and recent investigations on the effects of climate change. Aboard this solar cruise was one Mistah Jayohcee. The Native American hip-hop artist had a slough of adventures in activism already, having spent several months in Oceti Sakowin/Oyate (Standing Rock, North Dakota) protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), taking the movement on the road and landing in Troy. Before heading home for some rest, Jayohcee sat down with The Alt  at the Sanctuary for Independent Media to talk about the road that led him to Troy and his fight for environmental justice:"  

For full article click here ----> Jayohcee ALT full interview

find full article here ----> Jayohcee ATL interview

Jayohcee directing REDDs Hella Good music video Sat Aug 5th 2017 

Jayhocee will be directing Redd's next video Hella Good in Snye Quebec. This will be an amazing night with an even better outcome. One official video on it's way. I will be pulling out all the director tricks which will make you feel like your meant to be on this set. If your in or around Akwesasne your not going to want to miss it. All are welcome. Come dressed to impress and get ready to feel Hella good.

Listen to track here ---> Redd - Hella Good (Audio on spotify)

This will be a cookout themed video shoot!!! We will be shooting all day and there will be food, at the end of the night we will have a fire where although we will be portraying having drinks during the day with red solo cups, at night there will be no kids and we can have more fun with the video! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!! Lets make this a fun video to shoot!!!



Aug 5 at 4 PM till Aug 6 at 2 AM   

90 school road, Snye quebec


Listen to track here --> Redd - Hella Good (Audio on spotify)

Jayohcee and The Seachange Voyage  

Jayohcee had the amazing journey with his Mohawk brother Johny B and Mohawk Sister/cousin Mercedes Terrance on The SeaChange Voyage up the hudson from Albany to Newburgh on a solar powered boat called Solar Sal (Zero emissions - No oil or Gas) captained by an amazing man named David Borton. Performing, speaking, learning and sharing knowledge with fellow Artivists(Artist/Activist) while making friends for life as well as learning so much along the way. Blessed for times like these. "Kevin, Haleh, Ian and the crew I will never forget the awesome times." Jayohcee

Check out the Journey here at Seachangevoyage.org 

Through arts-organizing, focused around the idea of the “water as commons”, the SeaChange Voyage provides an opportunity to weave together diverse local issues and mobilize people towards engaged action. With its motto: “We all live downstream”, the SeaChange Voyage travels upon the Hudson River as it celebrates it, bringing people together around their love of this river while also pointing them towards immediate ways of engaging to protect our waters and our climate. 

July 13 – 23, 2017 a crew of artists and activists will journey from Lake Ontario to New York City upon a 40-foot solar-powered boat. Along the way frontline artists and organizers will be hosting community meet-ups, potlatches, performances, and presentations to open the dialogue with local communities about the threats to their local water systems. By focusing specifically on the supply chain of fossil fuels, we hope that this journey can strengthen the connection between communities, artists, the river and the climate as we organize to protect what we love. We do this by embracing the power of art and culture as tools for communication. 

The SeaChange Voyage is a collaborative project initiated by artist and activist Kevin Buckland, done in collaboration with people and organizations all along the two-way-river.  

The threats facing the Hudson River today should not be underestimated. New proposed infrastructure would convert the Hudson River from a common resource to a fossil fuel highway, privatizing profits while collectivizing great risks.

In the context of the unprecedented and urgent human-made climate crisis and its terrifying – and already noticeable – consequences, we are all on the frontline. 

From extraction, to combustion, and all along the way – the fossil fuel industry’s profit driven nature enacts its abusive relationship to our planet and our communities. Climate change is the ultimate expression of this exploitative relationship; we are dangerously changing this world. If we are serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustaining life as we know it on Earth, the vast majority of the known fossil fuels must be kept underground; permanently. By promoting the combustion of carbon intensive natural resources, this industry, and all who prop it up, are emptying our collective future; opening our commons to commodification, exploitation, and elimination – as if it was theirs for the taking. We, as a complex and interdependent multi-species entity commonly known as humans who operate within an interconnected and finite planet, are ready to move beyond the legacy of exploitation and imperialism, colonization and domination. 

The threat is advancing. The proposed business-as-usual industrial projects along the Hudson River have both local and global implications; every act of resistance to these controversial projects is also an act of planetary solidarity with human and other-than-human communities already bearing the burdens of the climate crisis. In the Hudson River Valley we see these local-global connections most clearly with the newest series of dangerous proposals by Global Partners to create a “virtual pipeline” of trains and boats that would increase transport of fracked Bakken crude from North Dakota and crude oil (potentially from Alberta’s Tar Sands) to ports in Albany and Newburgh/New Windsor, and onto oil tankers and out to open waters. A spill would mean disaster for the Hudson River ecosystem and the human and other-than-human communities along its shore, and what isn’t spilled means disaster for our climate and all of the Earth’s inhabitants as we know it. This is a Dantesque lose-lose situation. 

Along the rising tides of the Hudson River there are many struggles opposing these dangerous and harmful industrial projects. SeaChange will become a temporary nomadic marine sustainable community whose voyage through the Hudson River aims to weave these many points of resistance together, convening feasts and dialogues to open a channel for conversation about what is causing our local, global, ecological, and social degradation while articulating a local movement that will no longer stand for any pollution of the river or the atmosphere that sustains us. Our ecological commons must be actively protected. 

On the SeaChange Climate Justice Voyage, we follow the path of Global Partners’ proposed “virtual pipeline”; connecting the dots between local social and environmental struggles, water, energy and climate change. We will replace the explosive trains and boats with a migratory platform for community dialogue – asserting the right that communities should be empowered to make their own decisions about what directly affects them, and lifting up the voices from the communities already most impacted by these processes. This journey is intended to create an intimate space for personal and collective transformation as we strengthen our networks of resistance in this watershed world. 

We are living in extraordinary times. This is a moment in human history in which the numerous crises – climate, energy, biodiversity,  socio-economic, political and cultural – are converging, and literally every living being on the planet feels the effects. All over North America, communities are organizing to prevent further extraction and transport of fossil fuels such as fracked Bakken crude gas or toxic Tar Sands oil; understanding that their local struggle is part of an urgent global fight to respond and adapt to runaway climate change, to control all our own future and to build the resilient world we wish to see. The climate crisis offers a unique opportunity for radical societal change and a way to ground multispecies communities in deeper relationships to each other and to our Earth. All over the world, people are organizing both locally and globally, together, to achieve this. SeaChange: We All Live Downstream.

Promo & Documentary on The SeaChange voyage coming soon...

"Niawen/Thank you again to Kevin and everyone involved in this project." Jayohcee

website: Seachange.org

twitter: @SeaChangeVoyage

FB: @seachangevoyage

Instagram: @seachangevoyage

Solar Sal FB@solarsalproject

Christopher Columbus Replica Ships Confronted By Iroquois Canoeists - Indian Country Today article ft Jayohcee 

"Christina Columbich Replica Ships Confronted By Iroquois Canoeists" Jayohcee

 The Niña and Pinta ships -- officiated by a private organization known as the Columbus Foundation -- are replicas of what Christopher Columbus sailed on 

Alex Hamer • July 18, 2017

As part of a several month tour along the east coast of the U.S. in 2017, two Christopher Columbus’ replica sailing vessels, the Nina and Pinta, arrived at the Albany Yacht Club in Rensselaer, New York, on July 15th. Upon their arrival, a group of 20 Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) canoeists, including Chief Jake Edwards of the Onondaga Nation, met with the captain of the vessels to discuss the impact of Christopher Columbus on Indigenous Peoples. 

Chief Jake Edwards of Onondaga Nation told Sanger, “What we’re after is for you to acknowledge the Doctrine of Discovery and talk about the terrible actions that had happened.” 

Though discussions at first were civil, they became heated when a crew member from one of the Columbus vessels began yelling at the group of Native people. That led to shouting and finger-pointing between Sanger, his crew and the Iroquois delegation. After shouts of “get over it” and other similar sentiments toward the native people by the crew, Sanger ultimately threatened to call the Coast Guard.

When the situation calmed, Sanger offered a tour of the ship. Members of the Iroquois group at first declined that invitation, but two individuals eventually agreed. Upon investigation, the individuals noticed photos of Indigenous people of Brazil working to build the vessels, contradictory to Sanger’s statement of not teaching about the indigenous encounters of Columbus. 

“This type of ship shouldn’t be traveling on along the river because of the cultural genocide that comes with it,” said Jay Ohcee, a Mohawk from Akwesasne at the event. “They are only telling half-truths. They should show the reality of it.” 

Upon seeing the ship replicas, Jeremiah Point, Mohawk said that the two ships, which are covered in water-resistant black pine tar, were sadly appropriate. “It’s interesting that the ships are black because that’s what these ships represent to us coming through our territories.” 

After a bit more civil discussion, Sanger agreed that he would be open to other meetings and would also be open to having Natives to tell their side of the story at the different docking locations. 

When ICMN asked if Sanger had any comments on the atrocities committed by Christopher Columbus and his men, he said, “No.”

Jayohcee and an Evening with Honduran Leaders Miriam Miranda & Bertha Zúniga Cáceres 

Jayohcee recently had the invite and opportunity to meet Honduran Leaders Miriam Miranda & Bertha Zúniga Cáceres in NYC at NYCU in July 2017. Was an amazing and humbling experience realizing that we live in a parallel path of economic destruction. The struggles resonate equally in both homelands. The fight and cause and so similar that when listening you might feel they are telling your story. These woman are true leaders and Jayohcee appreciates meeting them and building with them for better a future.

"Miriam Miranda and Bertha Zúniga Cáceres, renowned Honduran Resistance leaders, talk about Indigenous struggles for rights, territory, and Mother Earth. Miriam Miranda is the General Coordinator of Grassroots International partner OFRANEH, the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras, which organizes Garifuna communities in defense of ancestral territory along the Atlantic coast of Honduras. Bertha Zúniga Cáceres is the General Coordinator of Grassroots International grantee COPINH, the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, and the daughter of Berta Cáceres, the founder of COPINH and Lenca leader whose murder shook the world last year."  Grassroots International is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 04-2791159. 

Trystan, Leadhorse, Bertha Zuniga Caceres, Jayohcee & Neddie

Jayohcee & Miriam Miranda

Video from event (Only in spanish - Catch Jayohcee at the 1:40:48)

New REDD music video ft JAYOHCEE - We still here 

We Still Here -  REDD Featuring Jayohcee

Edited by Sean Micheal Productions

filmed by Forevermore

Photography In Association with Real Mohawk Entertainment

Much love to The Rolling Resistance family for making this video extra special

You can purchase “The Next Chapter” on all online platforms

ReddMusic Ent. 

Published on Jul 6, 2017

Jayohcee in Huck Magazine with The Rolling Resistance family 

Huck Magazine article ft. Jayohcee and The Rolling Resistance  <--- Click for article


"Oil might now be flowing through the Dakota Pipeline, but its young protectors aren't defeated. Aboard their DIY school bus the Rolling Resistance are travelling the length and breadth of the United States, educating communities amidst a process of personal healing." Posted Thursday 22nd June, 2017 
Text by Annabelle Marcovici, Photography © Annabelle Marcovici

While on his Journey post Stranding Rock, Jayohcee along with most of his camp family hit the red road in a painted up school bus with the name of The Rolling Resistance. They travelled from ND, to Pine Ridge, then continued on the warpath to Washington, Iowa, Denver, NYC, Akwesasne, Minniapp, and every wheres in between sharing the Oceti story as well as personal lives. Huck Magazine did the honor and joined The Rolling Resistance for a few days.

Link to article highlighted at top and bottom of post.


Click for article ---> Huck Magazine article ft. Jayohcee and The Rolling Resistance

Newest release from Jayohcee - Real Still (Available on all platforms Itunes etc.) 


2017 release 'Real Still' by Jayohcee is sure to deliver for the fans that have been waiting as well as the new ones Jayohcee has met on his Journey. Fresh off 'Wake up the World Tour' and set to release the visuals for this single, Jayohcee is ready to show why he started music in the first place. To tell his story to the world while still being real. Support the artist who have it the hardest.

Recorded at - Exert Sounds

Mix & Mastered - Marco Kiremitzian / Exert Sounds

Graphic design - Mose Art

Photo by - Janet Tallarigo Murphy

 #RealStill #NextGenEnt #ItsAllForTheLoveOfMusic 


also on all platforms including Itunes, & Spotify 


Happy to finally have a website to call home! 

After years of procrastinating, I have finally taken the time to create my site www.Jayohcee.com. Not realizing how easy it would be once I put my mind to it. This is a major step in the rite direction that should have been done sooner. Better late then never right? I plan on writing personal posts like this as well as have a constant flow of blog posts about my daily adventures from a third person perspective. It will most likely be me typing as I will be running the site until I have the money to pay a helper or someone who loves this type of stuff and just wants to help. lol. If your reading this I am glad your are apart of my journey and I hope to build with each and everyone of YOU.

Niawen/Thank you for the support,

NextGen Ent


Jayohcee at Oceti Oyate next to Standing Rock. 

Update to post (Jun 16th 2017, 8:48pm)

'Back from Standing Rock/Oceti Oyate'

 After a journey that seemed like forever but yet was only months of my life I am back on my feet and moving at the best of my abilities. Went on life tour after camp helping create The Rolling Resistance and traveling all over states like North Dakota, New York, City, Denver Colorado to name a few then right into 'Wake Up The World Tour' with Nataanii Means, Witko, Yaz, Art, Chad Charlie, and Tufawon to places like Minneapolis, Phoenix, California, and New Mexico. All sharing on what happened in standing rock as well as showcasing the music that kept me alive today. I have lots to say about these times but not now my friends. I will indulge more with you all soon enough. Camp Life is a song I wrote at camp and a lot of people heard while I was there will be released in the next month. That will start the talking and healing of that subject. Till then I will be pushing and promoting my new website and project. I just wanted to leave this post to keep it apart of history. I wrote the original below before I fully immersed into the camp next to standing rock. I was being a keyboard warrior to the best of my abilities until I was able to be there. I helped in many ways of which I appreciate and will learn from for the rest of my life. That was only the beginning of a long journey in a new direction for a lot. For the rest rest it was fighting, learning and creating brothers, sisters, and family who all care about the real important things in life and continuing the fight. The planet, the future for the children and the well being of each other depend on it. Lets keep learning, keep building and keep fighting until the future generations don't have to. Again I will start telling stories down the road and have a specific section on my site for this type of info. I have made so many family members, friends, and enemies in this journey and thankful for each and everyone of them. More on my love for Oceti Oyate, my views of standing rock, some stories, truths and how to keep up the fight to come. Much love Niawen/Thank you. Jayohcee

Original Post below. (Published Oct 24 2016, 2:17pm)

For over a month I have had more important issues come up other then just music. Something that is really important to me and everyone I know is what is going on in North Dakota right now .I have a lot of friends there and a lot of family has been there and back. I have not been able to make the journey yet due to life not allowing it at this moment, but I am in full support of everything that our protectors are doing at Standing Rock. I will be there as soon as I am able to. Till then I will do all in my power to keep the people aware and awake for what is happening every sec that passes in North Dakota. The people there are praying daily, singing and dancing and when they need to locking themselves down to machinery to stall in anyway till something is done about this pipeline. They are met with riot police, military trucks, cops armed with full assault rifles and all the riot gear and police for a war. Yet the camp and people there remain peaceful with no weapons, no violence. The camp has daily meetings and the main focus is to remain peaceful in all actions. Everything I am saying and more has been documented by many brave people in the camp who have been harassed more then anyone at this point and treated like criminals when they are only reporting on how criminal the police, big oil, and everyone who works with them are. Myron Dewey has been one of the best people to follow with constant updates. His fb is https://www.facebook.com/myron.dewey. SO many reporters have been arrested and facing jail time just for documenting cause the big oil companies don't want the world how they control the police like puppets without them even knowing or be able to do anything other then get their check. I feel bad for those guys cause they are to weak or scared to stand up for themselves or they are just to evil to care. Amy goodman was one of these people facing 45 years for being there. Then they dropped it cause the mainstream media finally started paying attention. Shailene woodley also a huge supporting since the begging was arrested for just being there. They as well as everyone else who has been arrested continues to be there and stands strong till the call to action is answered. Hope you have a heart an common sense to care about the future of your children and grandchildren and so on till the end of our times. Niawen/Thank you Jayohcee #NoDAPL #BlackSnakeKillaz

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