Jayohcee Live Art/NFT Creation at Cornwall Artwalk 2021 w/ special guest

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Cornwall Artwalk, Pitt St, Cornwall Ont

Jayohcee will be creating NFT art after painting his surroundings live for the Cornwall Artwalk 2021 w/ special guest Mama Jayohcee (My mother will be painting as well) in Cornwall, Ont. Canada.

Using pencils, markers, and paint, the end result will then be turned into digital art and minted on the blockchain to become an infamous NFT (Non-Fungible Token, Google NFT). My goal is to show the process of creating art, to digital, to blockchain and how once your set up right it can be such a smooth transition into creating value for yourself as a digital artist.

Maybe in future show more in depth how to reach that point through podcasts and workshops created by Jayohcee to help anyone get over the hurdle of technology when it comes to art. Hope to see you there! Jayohcee.com