Jayohcee in Huck Magazine with The Rolling Resistance family

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"Oil might now be flowing through the Dakota Pipeline, but its young protectors aren't defeated. Aboard their DIY school bus the Rolling Resistance are travelling the length and breadth of the United States, educating communities amidst a process of personal healing." Posted Thursday 22nd June, 2017 
Text by Annabelle Marcovici, Photography © Annabelle Marcovici

While on his Journey post Stranding Rock, Jayohcee along with most of his camp family hit the red road in a painted up school bus with the name of The Rolling Resistance. They travelled from ND, to Pine Ridge, then continued on the warpath to Washington, Iowa, Denver, NYC, Akwesasne, Minniapp, and every wheres in between sharing the Oceti story as well as personal lives. Huck Magazine did the honor and joined The Rolling Resistance for a few days.

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Click for article ---> Huck Magazine article ft. Jayohcee and The Rolling Resistance

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