Jayohcee at International Indigenous HipHop Awards 2021

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Winnipeg Virtually

The International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards Show is taking place online with a virtual 2-day mega event. We will have a host city and this year that will be Winnipeg Manitoba on the original lands of the Dene people’s, Dakota, Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Treaty 1 Territory, and on the homeland of the Metis Nation.

Join the International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards Show movement as we aim to increase the national and international exposure of Indigenous urban arts performers and small businesses through live music engagement and educational conferences. The Indigenous Hip Hop Awards & Trade-Show is a 2-day virtual celebration of arts and culture.

Through the execution of a music conference followed by an awards show, we will shed light on the movers and shakers who are helping shape our urban economy, by celebrating and acknowledging the dedication, community impact and artistic merit of export-ready Indigenous hip hop artists, singers, visual artists, spoken word poets, producers, deejays & more that all make up the Indigenous urban entertainment culture.

If you need more information or would like to get involved with a virtual booth & a performance slot at the Trade-Show, Red Hollywood Carpet or get a virtual weekend Awards Show pass please contact info@indigenoushiphopawards.com.