Jayohcee at Oceti Oyate next to Standing Rock.

Update to post (Jun 16th 2017, 8:48pm)

'Back from Standing Rock/Oceti Oyate'

 After a journey that seemed like forever but yet was only months of my life I am back on my feet and moving at the best of my abilities. Went on life tour after camp helping create The Rolling Resistance and traveling all over states like North Dakota, New York, City, Denver Colorado to name a few then right into 'Wake Up The World Tour' with Nataanii Means, Witko, Yaz, Art, Chad Charlie, and Tufawon to places like Minneapolis, Phoenix, California, and New Mexico. All sharing on what happened in standing rock as well as showcasing the music that kept me alive today. I have lots to say about these times but not now my friends. I will indulge more with you all soon enough. Camp Life is a song I wrote at camp and a lot of people heard while I was there will be released in the next month. That will start the talking and healing of that subject. Till then I will be pushing and promoting my new website and project. I just wanted to leave this post to keep it apart of history. I wrote the original below before I fully immersed into the camp next to standing rock. I was being a keyboard warrior to the best of my abilities until I was able to be there. I helped in many ways of which I appreciate and will learn from for the rest of my life. That was only the beginning of a long journey in a new direction for a lot. For the rest rest it was fighting, learning and creating brothers, sisters, and family who all care about the real important things in life and continuing the fight. The planet, the future for the children and the well being of each other depend on it. Lets keep learning, keep building and keep fighting until the future generations don't have to. Again I will start telling stories down the road and have a specific section on my site for this type of info. I have made so many family members, friends, and enemies in this journey and thankful for each and everyone of them. More on my love for Oceti Oyate, my views of standing rock, some stories, truths and how to keep up the fight to come. Much love Niawen/Thank you. Jayohcee

Original Post below. (Published Oct 24 2016, 2:17pm)

For over a month I have had more important issues come up other then just music. Something that is really important to me and everyone I know is what is going on in North Dakota right now .I have a lot of friends there and a lot of family has been there and back. I have not been able to make the journey yet due to life not allowing it at this moment, but I am in full support of everything that our protectors are doing at Standing Rock. I will be there as soon as I am able to. Till then I will do all in my power to keep the people aware and awake for what is happening every sec that passes in North Dakota. The people there are praying daily, singing and dancing and when they need to locking themselves down to machinery to stall in anyway till something is done about this pipeline. They are met with riot police, military trucks, cops armed with full assault rifles and all the riot gear and police for a war. Yet the camp and people there remain peaceful with no weapons, no violence. The camp has daily meetings and the main focus is to remain peaceful in all actions. Everything I am saying and more has been documented by many brave people in the camp who have been harassed more then anyone at this point and treated like criminals when they are only reporting on how criminal the police, big oil, and everyone who works with them are. Myron Dewey has been one of the best people to follow with constant updates. His fb is https://www.facebook.com/myron.dewey. SO many reporters have been arrested and facing jail time just for documenting cause the big oil companies don't want the world how they control the police like puppets without them even knowing or be able to do anything other then get their check. I feel bad for those guys cause they are to weak or scared to stand up for themselves or they are just to evil to care. Amy goodman was one of these people facing 45 years for being there. Then they dropped it cause the mainstream media finally started paying attention. Shailene woodley also a huge supporting since the begging was arrested for just being there. They as well as everyone else who has been arrested continues to be there and stands strong till the call to action is answered. Hope you have a heart an common sense to care about the future of your children and grandchildren and so on till the end of our times. Niawen/Thank you Jayohcee #NoDAPL #BlackSnakeKillaz

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