Autumn Aries


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Emergency life notes - Trapped, bullied and harassed May 17 1:10pm Corey Jocko aka Jayohcee


hard to juggle a chaotic life, specially when you a peaceful person that lives in a really bad area around evil people. But thats where your ma lives and you have lived you whole life. we have no wheres else yet to live. This is why my whole life and career I just wanna be happy


Constantly pursuing dreams while fighting against the negative people who always told you to stop following your dreams and just hustle for them. Which i followed my goals and have done so much. I have accomplished so much in my life time.


My whole life i have only tried to do right and make it out of the chaos that everyone I grew up around keeps trying to pull me back in. My life and resume speaks for itself. check my website. I have shown the world what I have been doing for years


When I leave my reservation/community I get support, respect, and so much more cause they see who I am. Back in my community cause of the bad people we live around and grew up with makes us look bad and people dont care to pay attention to the good things around here.


They are scared as am I of these dangerous people. last yr after so much healing and focusing I manged to put togehter my first solo hiphop album. Before release I was invited out to BC to help some people protect their land. While out there I was engaged to the chiefs daughter


After we got engaged the military police came in to their territory and arrested us for protecting their land. Now we have court from that as well as I have court from being arrested again two yrs for protecting the land in tyendinaga and now I bring my fiance home to heal


Only home for two weeks and already set up a couple hip[hop shows, tour, sent album to local radio station, applied for multiple NFT events, interviews and so much more only to come home to my mothers and be blocked in driveway by the very same people i grew up with that are bad


It been 6 days with these rocks blocking our driveway, with no help from the chiefs, council, cops, longhouses, even talked to respectable community members who know me and one they all find out who it is they say they can't help. Now its time to let the world know


We managed to get car out yesterday for food and supplies to live so were not trapped but were still threatened and fearing them here. Worried about what they might do to us. These are the reasons I disappear from the industry but now its time for help from outside of here! We need help moving rocks or putting in a new way for us to leave our house and live.


to know what I been up to for any questions or if you can help in anyway This is an emergency!